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I bootlegs di maggio 2019

Torna dopo 11 anni la label “Reel Trax”, autrice di lavori come gli indimenticati bootlegs “You’ll Never Walk Alone” e “Where No One Stands Alone” , e propone “Elvis Sings The Harmony”.
Si tratta di una compilazione di esecuzioni caratterizzate da “harmony vocals”.

01. I’m Yours
02. Could I Fall In Love (harmony vocal overdub)
03. Singing Tree (remake with harmony vocals)
04. Gentle On My Mind (different mix)
05. Don’t Cry Daddy (taken from acetate)
06. Mama Liked The Roses (harmony vocal overdub)
07. Suspicious Minds (master take without fade)
08. True Love Travels On A Gravel Road
09. Power Of My Love
10. Do You Know Who I Am
11. Bridge Over Troubled Water (master without overdubbed applause)
12. There Goes My Everything
13. Snowbird (take 6)
14. Miracle Of The Rosary
15. Separate Ways
16. For The Good Times (harmony vocal overdub)
17. It’s Midnight
18. Promised Land (take 6)
19. T-R-O-U-B-L-E (harmony vocal overdub)
Bonus tracks:
20. Could I Fall In Love (harmony vocal)
21. Don’t Cry Daddy (master take 3 with vocal overdub)
22. Mama Liked The Roses (different harmony vocal)
23. Suspicious Minds (isolated harmony vocals only)
24. Power Of My Love (harmony vocal version)
25. Do You Know Who I Am (harmony vocal version)
26. Bridge Over Troubled Water (stereo version with vocal repair and harmony vocal overdub)27. Promised Land (“This Is Elvis” edit)




Long box in confezione digipack di 4 CD con altrettanti concerti soundboards del 1975 ma tutti già disponibili in passati bootlegs.

CD1: 19.03.1975 M/S – Las Vegas & 04.05.1975 E/S Lake Charles.
CD2: 24.04.1975 – Coliseum, Macon, Georgia:
CD3: 25.04.1975 – Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Jacksonville, Florida:
CD4: 31.03.1975 M/S – Las Vegas & 28.04.1975 E/S Lake Charles



La Verve pubblicherà a breve la registrazione tratta dal mixer di South Bend, Indiana, 20 ottobre 1976.
Nulla di nuovo in quanto già disponibile nei bootlegs “Bicentennial superstar, volume 2” e “Eternal flame” (edito da due diverse etichette (“Lone Star” e “Snowball”).

Also Sprach Zarathustra
See See Rider
I Got A Woman / Amen
Elvis Welcomes The Audience
Love Me
If You Love Me (Let Me Know)
You Gave Me A Mountain
Jailhouse Rock
Elvis Talks To The Audience
Help Me
All Shook Up
Teddy Bear / Don‘t Be Cruel
And I Love You So
Steamroller Blues
Band Introductions
Early Mornin‘ Rain
What‘d I Say
Johnny Be Goode
Ronnie Tutt Solo
Jerry Scheff Solo
Tony Brown Solo
Love Letters
School Days
Hound Dog
Funny How Time Slips Away
Little Darlin‘
Can‘t Help Falling In Love
Closing Vamp
Elvis Has Left The Building



La Touchdown propone un altro concerto dalla stagione a Las Vegas del periodo agosto-settembre 1971.
In questa occasione lo spettacolo che ascolteremo, in registrazione amatoriale, è il dinner del 20 agosto 1971.

[01] Radio Advert for the Summer Engagement (0.21)
[02] Also Sprach Zarathustra (1.36)
[03] That‘s Alright Mama (2.19)
[04] Proud Mary (2.45)
[05] Love Me Tender (with fs) (2.40)
[06]‘Honey, I Do A Lot O‘Things…’ (0.34)
[07] Sweet Caroline (2.26)
[08] Polk Salad Annie (4.14)
[09] “I Recorded 420 Songs, But…” (0.50)
[10] Johnny B. Goode (1.43)
[11] It‘s Impossible (with fs) (3.41)
[12] Love Me (1.40)
[13] Blue Suede Shoes/Whole Lotta Shakin‘ Goin‘ 0n (1.35)
[14] Heartbreak Hotel (1.40)
[15] Teddy Bear/ Don‘t Be Cruel* (2.10)
[16] So High (one line only) (1.15)
[17] Hound Dog (1.11)
[18] Little Sister/ Get Back (2.04)
[19] Elvis Talks With The Audience (0.23)
[20] Lawdy Miss Clawdy (1.54)
[21] Band Introductions (2.29)
[22] I‘m Leavin‘ (3.17)
[23] Help Me Make It Through The Night (1.57)
[24] Mystery Train/ Tiger Man* (2.09)
[25] Karate Demonstration (0.25)
[26] Can‘t Help Falling In Love (2.02)

* Registrazione incompleta



La nuova etichetta “MTP “ (Meant to be Played) presenta il suo primo lavoro dal titolo
“OUT IN HOLLYWOOD volume 2” che fa l’eco al primo, storico volume della collana FTD risalente al 1999, del quale questo cd vuole esserne il seguito.

1. Roustabout – take 13
2. Bossa Nova Baby – take 11
3. Let Yourself Go – Reversed Master
4. Your Time Hasn’t Come Yet, Baby – take 1
5. If You Think I Don’t Need You take 2
6. A Boy Like Me, A Girl Like You take 2
7. Flaming Star take 5
8. Wonderful World take 3
9. Catchin’ On Fast – Take 4 (unedited)
10. Do the Vega – take 2
11. Yoga is As Yoga Does – take 4
12. My Desert Serenade – take 10
13. Sand Castles KO take 8
14. I Need Somebody To Lean On take 5
15. It’s Carnival Time take 12
16. Stay Away, Joe – take 9
17. Edge of Reality take 2
18. Charro! – Rough Mix
19. Almost – take 25
20. I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here take 5
21. Kissin’ Cousins (regular overdub) take 2
22. Let Me – take 3



CD che raccoglie duetti, alcuni elettronicamente ricreati postumi, con Lisa Marie Presley, Connie Francis, Ray Charles, Cliff Richard, Anita Wood, Dale Watson, Kitty White, Charlie Hodge, Michael Buble, Nancy Sinatra, Ann Margret, J.D. Sumner, Barbara Streisand, Dolly Parton, Helene Fischer, Jerry Reed, Celine Dion, Shaun Nielsen, The Gatlin Brothers e Glen Cambell.

I Love You Because – with Lisa Marie Presley
My Happiness – with Connie Francis
Blue Suede Shoes – with Cliff Richard
I Can’t Help It – with Anita Wood
I’ll Never Stand in Your Way – with Ray Charles
Baby, I Don’t Care – Harmony version
Tomorrow Night – with Dale Watson
Crawfish – with Kitty White
Have I Told You Lately That I Love You – with Michael Buble
Santa Lucia – Harmony version
I Will Be Home Again – with Charlie Hodge
Fever – Harmony version
Kissin’ Cousins – Harmony version
There Ain’t Nothing Like A Song – with Nancy Sinatra
Today, Tomorrow and Forever – with Ann Margret
Let Me – Harmony Version
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot – with J.D. Sumner
(featuring The Imperials and The Jordanaires)
Love Me Tender – with Barbara Streisand
Just Pretend – with Helene Fischer
In the Ghetto – with Dolly Parton
Proud Mary – featuring Ike and Tina Turner
Guitar Man – with Jerry Reed
If I Can Dream – with Celine Dion
Softly, As I Leave You – with Michael Buble
(featuring Sherril Nielsen)
Bringing it Back – with Sherril Nielsen
Help Me – with The Gatlin Brothers
We Call on Him – with Glen Cambell
Where No One Stands Alone – with Lisa Marie Presley



Per tutti i dettagli, CLICCA QUI !



CD e vinile della Petticoat Records con 15 tracce dal sapore blues.

1. I’m Left, You’re Right, She’s Gone (slow version)
2. Stranger In My Own Home Town (jam)
3. Like A Baby (spliced take)
4. Lawdy Miss Clawdy (take 5)
5. When It Rains, It Really Pours (rehearsal June 24, 1968)
6. It Feels So Right (take 2)
7. Down In The Alley (take 1)

1. Give Me The Right (take 2)
2. All I Needed Was The Rain (alternate mix)
3. Tiger Man (rehearsal June 25, 1968, edited)
4. Shake A Hand (original session mix)
5. One Night (live February 23, 1970)
6. Good Time Charlie’s Got The Blues (take 6)
7. Reconsider Baby (live February 21,1977)
8. Trying To Get To You (live 1968, NBC)

01. I’m Left, You’re Right, She’s Gone (slow version)
02. Stranger In My Own Home Town (jam)
03. Like A Baby (spliced take)
04. Lawdy Miss Clawdy (take 5)
05. When It Rains, It Really Pours (rehearsal June 24, 1968)
06. It Feels So Right (take 2)
07. Down In The Alley (take 1)
08. Give Me The Right (take 2)
09. All I Needed Was The Rain (alternate mix)
10. Tiger Man (rehearsal June 25, 1968, edited)
11. Shake A Hand (original session mix)
12. One Night (live February 23, 1970)
13. Good Time Charlie’s Got The Blues (take 6)
14. Reconsider Baby (live February 21,1977)
15. Trying To Get To You (live 1968, NBC)



CD emesso da una sconosiuta etichetta con tracce dal vivo di ballate, registrate fra il 1969 ed il 1975.

01. The Wonder Of You
02. I Can’t Stop Loving You
03. I Just Cant Help Believin’
04. Let It Be Me
05. This Is The Story
06. There Goes My Everything
07. Release Me
08. Love Me Tender
09. Sweet Caroline
10. Just Pretend
11. Love Me
12. I’ve Lost You
13 .The Impossible Dream
14. You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling
15. It’s Over
16. Something
17. You’re The Reason I’m Living
18. It’s Midnight
19. Hawaiian Wedding Song
20. It’s Impossible