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ELVIS IS BACK [legacy edition]

Data di pubblicazione Marzo 2011
N° Catalogo RCA 88697 76233 2


Altro CD della serie legacy edition.
In questo caso si tratta di due dischetti che propongono gli album “Elvis is back” del 1960, “Something for everybody” del 1961 ed altre 12 canzoni definite hit singles, registrate in quelle sessions che furono pubblicate su 45 giri.

Nulla di nuovo per i collezionisti.
Una grande raccolta di canzoni con Elvis in forma smagliante.



CD 1:
“Elvis is back”-The original album
Numero di matrice: DIDX-670352 1
1) Make Me Know It
2) Fever
3) The Girl of My Best Friend
4) I Will Be Home Again
5) Dirty, Dirty Feeling
6) Thrill Of Your Love
7) Soldier Boy
8) Such A Night
9) It Feels So Right
10) Girl Next Door Went A’ Walking
11) Like A Baby
12) Reconsider Baby

The hit singles:
13) Stuck On You
14) Fame And Fortune
15) It’s Now Or Never
16) A Mess Of Blues
17) Are You Lonesome Tonight?
18) I Gotta Know
19) Surrender


CD 2:
“Something for everybody”-Original album
Numero di matrice: DIDX-670353 1
1) There’s Always Me
2) Give Me The Right
3) It’s A Sin
4) Sentimental Me
5) Starting Today
6) Gently
7) I’m Coming Home
8) In Your Arms
9) Put The Blame On Me
10) Judy
11) I Want You With Me
12) I Slipped, I Stumbled, I Fell

The hit singles:
13) I Feel So Bad
14) (Marie’s The Name) His Latest Flame
15) Little Sister
16) Good Luck Charm
17) Anything That’s Part Of You